Aug 28, 2019

Why I create and share Digital Art Resources?

Why I create Digital Art Resouces?

When I started as a Visual Artist, I used to look at the beautiful artworks by amazing artists for inspiration. And, I would think to myself what brushes, textures and art applications they worked with?

I would look for any tutorials, brushes and any resources put up online. I am talking about the times when the Internet was slow and watching Youtube videos was a painstaking task. Apart, there were hardly so many resources put up.

I would look into the brush engines and settings of applications to get a particular effect. Sometimes, I would try to imitate an art piece done by someone else. Even when an artist shared their brushes and techniques, I realized, I was not able to copy what they were creating. Something was missing, something important. It was skill, expertise and practice, which made the artworks so great, not the brushes or textures. Learning basics of composition, colour, anatomy and learning about the tools was the key. I still try to copy the effects and art styles, and I believe it is a great way to learn.

I started learning the basics of picture-making. And luckily, I found a few projects along the way. Each project required a particular visual treatment. And, to achieve a distinct visual treatment, I needed an appropriate brush, texture or the colouring style. Sometimes the brushes and textures available on the internet would suffice, but sometimes I would have to create them.

Why I share the Digital Art Resources I create?

I started as downloading the free brushes, generously shared by so many amazing Artists. It helped me learn, and I believe in giving back to the community might help someone out there. Someone, just like me, looking for a brush that would help them create the art they want to produce.

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